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Corporate Corner - In Collaboration with InFLAMES

Corporate Corner and InFLAMES are collaborating to organize an upcoming event series. InFLAMES Research Flagship belongs to Academy of Finland Flagship Program and is Finland’s strongest cluster of immunological expertise. 

2nd InFLAMES Corporate Corner - March 11th 2022: Ecosystem Services

The second InFLAMES Corporate Corner event introduces high-quality open infrastructure and its benefits to academy-industry collaboration. The goal of the event is to inform the participants about these unique collaboration opportunities. The event is held hybrid. 

1st InFLAMES Corporate Corner - December 16th 2021

The first Corporate Corner was held as a hybrid event to introduce InFLAMES flagship and explore collaboration opportunities to the business sector and discuss future events . 

Corporate Corner - In Collaboration with AstraZeneca

November 6th 2019

Corporate Corner is back! This time Corporate Corner introduced AstraZeneca. Morning session focused on translational research powered by cutting-edge technologies. The expert lectures were followed by a round-table discussion on how to succeed in Academia-Pharma collaboration. In the afternoon we again invited researchers to discuss with AstraZeneca representatives about possibilities to collaborate, and students to hear about career opportunities AstraZeneca can offer.


Corporate Corner - In Intoa! Competition

May 13th 2019

Corporate Corner placed in top-four in The Entrepreneurial Act of the Year, Intoa Competition. The  award is given as an encouragement and acknowledgement to a person or group who has successfully and independently promoted entrepreneurial attitude and activities in the University.  Corporate Corner pitched as a joint business co-operation concept of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.

Corporate Corner - In Collaboration with MSD

November 30th 2018

Corporate Corner organised in collaboration with MSD Finland focused on health technology and research: from basic research to clinical trials, Real World Evidence and pharmacoeconomics. Novel collaboration possibilities were discussed especially within the fields of research on oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, immunology and infectious diseases. The event also included a section for discussing career opportunities at MSD.

The First Corporate Corner - In Collaboration with Orion Pharma

March 6th 2018

The series started with scientists from Orion Pharma presenting their company’s research strategies and current focus areas and how they would like to foster interactions with scientists and research infrastructures. Later in the spring this was followed by the Corporate Corner Open Session, where scientists from academia and pharma met for informal workshops to interact and share ideas.

” Very useful, this kind of discussions are needed. ”

Teijo Saari, Associate Professor





”The event was great and unique. This is my first experience to see industry people talking about their work and problems and looking forward for collaboration.”

Kuldeep Bansal, Senior Researcher


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